Oh my…. DECEMBER!!!! I am crazy excited for this, my absolute favorite month of the year. The cold weather, the family time, the celebration and anticipation of Advent, my birthday month; it all makes for a giddy little me, and I CAN’T WAIT! As a fun little addition to the holiday happiness, I’ve joined up with a group of wonderful blogs for “12 Days of Blogmas”, hosted by Julie of Girl On The Move Blog and Joanna of Motherhood & Merlot, which is a series of prompted holiday posts I am going to do my best to keep up with! *fat chance*  We are also going to have a giveaway that will be announced tomorrow, so be sure to check back in for details on how you can enter!


To kick off Day One, I have made my best attempt in creating my “Holiday Bucket List”. To be honest, it quickly began to feel like more of a to-do list and Lord knows I have plenty of those already and they are not nearly as enjoyable as one would think. So after some tweaking and focused thought, I realized that what I look forward to every single year is seeing the joy of Advent come alive in my kids. That is what I would like to perpetuate. Here’s to a joyful season as we anticipate the greatness of what it all means!

Whew! Now I’m even MORE excited! I’m just busting at the seams to get this holiday show on the road! I’m all in! Bring on the carols, the candles, the movies, the snuggles, and all the glittery twinkly lights. But most importantly, bring on the joy-filled hearts as we remember the “why” for all of it. Peace and Joy to you!

What are your “Bucket List” items for the holidays?


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