Making Peace With My Limitations


One of the most freeing things I’ve learned over the last couple of years, specifically while in the throes of Postpartum, is that it is good to understand and accept my limitations. For years and years, I functioned under the weight of having to do it all. I needed to be talented and wise and cook from scratch and make my own cleaners and never raise my voice at my kids and make sure we all looked put together and keep up with my pretty planners… and it was pretty much exhausting and miserable.

For some reason (and I’m sure I’ll have a chat with my Creator about this someday in eternity), I am not naturally gifted in a whole lot of things that *seem* crucial for what I believed my measure of success as mom, wife, and woman depended on. And when I first launched GraceBrokeMom, I carried a lot of those same burdens into blogging. But the more I’ve learned about identity, the more I’ve been made aware of my limitations. And surprisingly, it’s been so relieving! I am not made up of the stuff that makes a “good” blogger… and that is A-OK.


Here are just 10 reasons why I’m not really cut out for successful blogging:


  1. I don’t have time to post regularly – For so long, I believed that in order to keep up my reach and to be seen by the most people possible, I had to post at least 2-3 times per week. Which is true, but also…. nope. It’s just not feasible for me in this phase of life. My blog loses traction after every post, but it’s made me realize a greater truth; that I can only write when I am inspired and feel convicted to do so. Not because it’s Tuesday. *And I’ll not reference my long pauses again. Don’t worry!
  2. I don’t want to focus on growth – I honestly do not care about being a “successful” blogger in the sense of monetization or getting free stuff or partnerships. At the jump, I thought that was the aim. But then I quickly realized that I have a very specific heart and purpose for GraceBrokeMom – to be a voice of encouragement and transparency for parents who feel overwhelmed by the job – and the only way I know how to do that is by leaning heavily on and sharing the truth of the gospel of Jesus. That’s all I got! And it’s not likely to be embraced by the masses, but I believe it will be embraced by those who need to hear!
  3. I’m kind of a downer – My tendency is to live more on the “Man life is ridiculously hard and I’m pretty sure I’m ruining everyone, but I’m really thankful that Jesus is SO MUCH BIGGER than my lame failures” side of things. To me, that is the best news! It’s not overtly sunshiney here and I will almost never have happy crafts or snacktime hacks because that’s not the stuff that makes me tick. What makes my heart explode is the reality of how often I struggle, physically and spiritually, and how it affects my parenting and eclipsing all of that truth with the greatest truth of how much it doesn’t matter because there is abounding grace and joy in Christ and He is my all-time enabler.
  4. I don’t follow the rules – At least I don’t think I do… I’m not really sure. I haven’t kept up with the do’s and don’ts for a long time! I do know that I am long-winded, I don’t have time for professional photo shoots and I have no desire to learn the settings of my (husband’s) DSLR, which are all important to focus on when trying to grow and increase traffic. I was a little discouraged when first starting out when I realized what a small percentage of blogging is the writing. Yes, content is key and I really want you to enjoy what you see when you stop by. But I want to write to make moms happy, not Google. I just have zero effs to give them.
  5. I am not a fan of social media – Maybe it’s my old age, or maybe it’s because of working in the tech space for the last couple of years, but I just can’t with social media ridiculousness. The ever-changing algorithms, the boosting, the tracking, the peak-time posting… it makes me shudder. I’m terrible at it and I like it less and less every minute. But I do want to facilitate some sort of community aspect on GraceBrokeMom at some point, and being an online platform kinda requires an online presence, so I get it. I just don’t really love it. Which again goes against the advice of Successful Bloggers 101.
  6. I don’t have a huge range of topics – Or any range for that matter. I’m pretty one-trick. You will find the same basic message in almost every post… “Life is hard. I’m not super good at this ‘Mom’ thing. I need Jesus. He is everything good. His grace urges me onwards. And I need my people. They keep me sane.” That’s it. That’s all I know and still all I need to learn. Making life about myself is deadly and yet I keep forgetting! So I write about it as often as I can. I figure, if you’re like me at all, maybe you need to be reminded as frequently as I do that it’s okay to be honest with our struggles and perceived failures because it forces us to stay on our knees before our Rescuer who is more than able to submerge us in His loving grace and beckon us towards sanctification. Our trials make Him bigger when we cast our cares at His feet and allow Him to be the Hero. So this is more of a “follow me as I follow Christ” kind of place. But beware… it’s a bumpy ride!
  7. I’m terrible at number lists.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


This list is not a self-deprecating collection of things I wish I could do better. Far from! And I don’t even mean to narrow this post down to just blogging (because what does that mean for you?!). This is simply a sampling of examples to explain that *sometimes* the things we try to hold ourselves to are not stretching us towards bigger and better, but are actually drowning us in an ocean we were never intended to visit. I adore writing and love sharing and encouraging and being vulnerable here on GraceBrokeMom and it’s perfectly okay if that’s as far as this goes.

I thank God for the incredible women I’ve encountered whom I admire greatly and am in jaw-dropping awe of. They are wonderfully gifted and have such mind-blowing perspectives, thoughts, ideas, voices that are so needed. In some regards, It’s easy for me to say that I will never match up to their brilliance, and in a lot of ways that might be true! But I’m learning that my voice, my thoughts, my perspective is equally needed in the arena God is asking me to speak into publically and, most importantly, within my home and church community.

We do not need to be all things to all people. We need to be faithful to what His grace has allowed us to accomplish for now. We need to not hold so tightly to the end-game because the rules of life’s circumstances are constantly throwing hurdles every which way. We hold tightly to Jesus and to what it looks like to live according to our identity as His beloved.

Being led by the Spirit is not always simple or calm, but it is always anchored in peace.

… Love you all.